Adult Staff

Adult Staff -
  • Course Director / Scoutmaster - Lloyd Dunnavant 
  • Assistant Scoutmaster for Program - Barry Sellers 
  • Assistant Scoutmaster forTroop Guides - Deborah Graves
  • Assistant Scoutmaster for Technology - TBD
  • Assistant Scoutmaster for Quartermaster -  TBD
  • Staff Advisor - Matthew Conner​
  • Auxiliary Staff - Tom Pakurar


Duties include -
  • Working directly with the council-appointed NYLT staff advisor
  • Recruiting quality adult and youth staff members
  • Conducting staff training before the course
  • Helping the staff develop a vision for the course, and the goals and plans to fulfill that vision
  • It is the recommendation that the Scoutmaster attend an NYLT course director’s conference. Attendance at a CDC is required if beads are to be awarded.
  • Being well-versed on all core content sessions in order to act as a resource as well as a role model to participants
  • Conducting the course as outlined in this manual
  • Serving as coach and mentor to the youth leader and other NYLT youth staff
  • Working closely with assistant Scoutmasters and other adult staff to ensure their effectiveness in completing their staff assignments
  • Modeling the core learning and leadership messages of the NYLT syllabus
  • Recruiting youth participants

Assistant Scoutmasters

Duties include -
  • Serving as the backup for the Scoutmaster. One assistant Scoutmaster will be designated as the backup. He or she must have the same qualifications as the Scoutmaster.
  • Sharing in the administration of the NYLT course
  • Working with the management of the commissary, equipment, and course supplies
  • Participating in staff training sessions
  • Modeling the core learning and leadership messages of the NYLT syllabus
  • Handling any issues that arise that could detract the course director from the primary role of guiding and coaching the senior patrol leader and other youth staff
  • Receiving, storing, and issuing course equipment and supplies
  • Receiving, storing, and issuing food supplies
  • Providing support for staff training
  • Recruiting youth participants