Frequently asked questions

Below are common FAQs from NYLT sites across BSA. The responses are specific to Heart of Virginia Council NYLT course 602-18. More FAQs will be added as the course preparation continues.
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    Can female Venturers / Sea Scouts attend NYLT?
    Absolutely! NYLT is open to male and female Venturing Crew / Ship members. NYLT follows BSA’s Youth Protection Policy. A minimum of two female adult staff members will be on site during the course.
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    Are there any requirements to attend NYLT?
    Yes. there are age, experience, training and unit leader recommendations required for staff and participants. Check the Course Info page to see both youth staff and participant requirements.
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    What is NYLT?
    It is a week-long co-ed leadership-training course for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers and Sea Scouts. NYLT integrates the best of modern leadership theory with the traditional strengths of the Scouting experience.
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    What is the course fee?
    The course fee will be $285. The fee includes all training materials, food, and course wear for participants.
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    Our unit has never sent anyone before… why should we now?
    Sending participants to NYLT helps them develop their leadership potential. This results in a smoother running unit.
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    Isn’t the unit or adult leader training enough?
    NYLT builds on the skills introduced at the other levels of training. NYLT doesn't replace training done by the unit adult leaders. NYLT provides additional leadership skills enhancing the youth leader’s ability to lead within their unit.
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    Does NYLT teach Scout craft skills?
    NYLT's primary focus is leadership skills. NYLT provides opportunity to use and strengthen those skills. Scout craft skills taught reinforce the leadership concepts taught. A youth does not have to be proficient in these skills to attend NYLT.
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    Who must approve a youth attending NYLT?
    First, the parents must approve. Then the unit leader must approve the youth attending. The youth must pass a physical sufficient to attend summer camp so the doctor must approve. And finally, the course director must approve.
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    Is any special equipment needed?
    No special equipment is needed. Participants will need basic camping gear as if participating in a weekend overnight trip. A recommended packing list is available on the Participants tab.
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    Will the camp facilities be available to participants?
    Yes. Course participants will have access and opportunity to use the shower facilities available at the Cub Adventure Camp. A Scout is clean!!!! So showers are not just a good idea, they are mandatory.
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    What do participants wear?
    Participants wear the field uniform of their registered program. Activity uniforms are worn during much of the course. Venturers will wear the Venturer field uniform even if their unit does not use the uniform.
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    Can special dietary needs be addressed?
    During the registration process all participants will be asked about dietary issues and preferences. Where possible, preferences will be met. The Scoutmaster will let participants know when the course cannot meet a request.
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    How do participants receive medications?
    During registration prescription and OTC medications will be reviewed and collected by the medical officer. The Scoutmaster will assign a responsible adult staff member to oversee distribution of medications each day.
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    When / Where is NYLT?
    NYLT will be held at the Heart of Virginia Council Cub Adventure Camp in Goochland VA. The course starts Sunday, June 16th 2018 and runs through Saturday, June 22rd 2018.
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    How do I get more information?
    Go to our Contact Us page and submit any questions. You can also elect to receive emails as course preparations continue. Your question is important and probably shared with others so many submitted questions will see additional FAQs added.
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    How do I apply to attend NYLT?
    Youth participant applications are available now. Go to the registration page on the Heart of Virginia calendar. The link is open for individual and hold-a-space registration.